Business Valuation

Objective, reliable, and accurate business value assessments.

Make informed decisions based on accurate and reliable business valuation reports

Our business valuation experts fulfill our role as a bridge between entrepreneurs, capital providers, and shareholders by providing unbiased business valuation and asset appraisal services. Our valuation services include but are not limited to:

Tax compliance

to effectively manage your business and stay compliant with the changing tax laws.

Financial reporting

to effectively track, analyze, and report your business income.

Advisory services

in the field of investment management, tax planning, and more.

With three decades of experience in the industry, our team has not only the professional training but also real-world experience to address your valuation needs regardless of business size.

Your impartial partner

Whether you simply want to know your business’ worth or need assistance in acquiring or merging with other businesses ー with Zagragja & Associates, you get an unbiased business valuation for your business-savvy decisions.


“As our local partner, Zagragja & Associates helped us seamlessly navigate the tax and commercial laws, ensuring compliance and success. Through our collaboration, they also helped us prepare for the process of VAT reimbursement in record time.”


“Zagragja & Associates has shown continuous dedication to our business, and their hardworking professionals are always eager to provide the best service. They know our business and our needs, that’s why we feel very confident about the services we receive and know we’re in good hands.”

We have the skills and experience and expertise to deliver honest, impartial, and reliable assessments of your business.

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